The Mapping Brisbane Southside History (MBSH) Team


Neville Buch

Neville Buch has a Bachelor of Arts, Graduate Diploma of Education, Postgraduate Diploma of Arts (Philosophy), and a Doctor of Philosophy (History). Dr Neville Buch produced in his 1994 doctoral work what is currently the most definitive history of Protestant churches and para-church organisation in Queensland. He worked for a decade as the researcher and speechwriter for three Vice-Chancellors at the University of Melbourne, and in this role provided hundreds of detailed briefings on the internal operations and very diverse activities of the university. He has built his history consultancy business in the last three years, and over many years, researched histories in Queensland and Australia, in relation to churches, schools and local communities. Dr Buch serves as the e-Bulletin editor and a Management Committee member for the Professional Historians Association (Queensland).

Beryl Roberts

Beryl Roberts has a Bachelor of Arts, a Master of Letters in Local & Applied History and a Diploma of Teaching. In 1991, Beryl Roberts began a sustained interest in the local history of Brisbane and South-East Queensland in particular and Queensland history more generally. This has taken her long teaching career into lecturing and tutoring in Queensland History, Australian History and the Human Impact upon the Natural Environment at two Griffith University campuses. After researching and writing more than 20 books, Beryl has gained valuable experience in both editing and proofreading. As President of the Coopers Plains Local History Group Inc., Beryl has assisted in the establishment of many other local history groups. She is a member of the Management Committee of History Queensland Inc.

Chris Dawson

Chris Dawson is a graduate member of the Professional Historians Association (Qld), BA in Anthropology and postgraduate qualifications in Applied History, both from the University of Queensland. He is the founder and committee member of the Boggo Road Gaol Historical Society, the management committees of the Brisbane Southside History Network and the Friends of South Brisbane Cemetery.

Ray Kerkhove

Ray Kerkhove is Chair of Q-Earth Inc. For 30 years he has worked on historical/ cultural and heritage projects with Indigenous groups. He has particular expertise in reconstructing the material culture and early contact history (1820s-1870s) of SE Queensland and the Darling Downs. He has authored booklets, journal articles, Connection Reports, significance assessments, expert statements, and scripts for Indigenous exhibitions and films.

Janice Cooper (Pilot Project)

Janice Cooper has a Bachelor of Arts, a Bachelor of Education, a Master of Letters (Local and Applied History) and is a member of the Professional Historians Association. Growing up on a central western Queensland pastoral property, Janice Cooper has a life-long interest in rural Queensland. Following a long career in teaching and teacher-librarianship in both country and city, she turned to studying, researching and writing history. She has written Sufficient for living, a history of pastoral industries in the Alpha district and co-authored, with Geraldine Massey and Mary-Ann Salisbury, Resourceful partnerships, a history of teacher-librarianship in Queensland. Her current publication, Crossing the divide is a history of the Alpha and Jericho districts of central-western Queensland. Janice’s interest in Australian history is reinforced through her research of her own ancestry which includes six generations since the first immigrant arrival in 1791 as well as pre-separation Queenslanders.

Chris Burns (Pilot Project)

Chris Burns has a Bachelor of Engineering (Surveying and Spatial Information Systems), a Master of Engineering Science (Surveying and Spatial Information Systems), and is a member of the Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute (SSSI). Chris uses her skills in surveying and spatial information systems to develop GIS capabilities in government and private companies. Chris is the Queensland Regional Chair and National Board member of the SSSI.

Acknowledgements of Project Supporters

The MBSH Team wishes to make special acknowledgement of the support given by:

  • Brisbane City Council Community Grants Program;
  • Brisbane City Archives and Annabel Lloyd, Senior City Archivist;
  • History Queensland and Margaret Doherty, President;
  • Lands Museum and Kaye Nardella, Senior Curator;
  • National Archives of Australia (Brisbane Office) and David Swift, Director;
  • Queensland State Archives and Sue Hutley, Director, Collections and Access, and Niles Elvery, Manager, Public Access;
  • State Library of Queensland, John Oxley Library, and Brian Randall, Queensland Places Coordinator.

There are also a number of historians and spatial scientists who provided valuable advice during the project:

  • Dr Carmel Black
  • Chris Dawson
  • Greg Hallam
  • Bill Kitson
  • Ian Lesdale
  • Trisha Moriarty
  • Patricia Hanslow
  • Glen Dodds
  • Darren Burns
  • Carl Davidson
  • Kellie Davidson
  • Matthew Graham
  • Nick Lawrence
  • Shaun Kolomeitz
  • Stephen Donaldson
  • Byron Dowrick

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this amazing project!

Neville, Beryl, Janice & Chris