William Webber

William Webber

Name: William Webber

Epoch: Late 19th Century (the \'Long Nineteenth Century\')

Grouping Field: Humanities (Ideas Formatted as Ideas) and Social Science (Models)

Location Grouping: Individual\'s Work Location

Map Coordinates: 27°28\'21.0\"S 153°01\'27.1\"E

Years At Location: 1885-1903

One Historical Setting: Most Rev. William Thomas Thornhill Webber, St. John\'s Anglican Pro Cathedral, William Street, Brisbane City (1885)

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William Webber was the Anglican Bishop of Brisbane from 1885. Webber brought clergymen from Oxford and Cambridge for five-year tours of duty in Queensland. In 1887 he had synod petition for the establishment of a university, and in 1897 he established a theological college in All Saints Rectory, Wickham Terrace. Webber led the Bible in State Schools League in Queensland.

Impact On Brisbane Society

Webber was a mildly ritualistic Tractarian. He strongly opposed to the view that the state should have supremacy over the Church in ecclesiastical matters (Erastianism). He was also strongly opposed to ‘mere congregationalism’ which limited parochial commitment to local concerns. In these features, along with the evangelical concern of the Bible in State Schools League, Webber laid down the pattern of Anglican politics in Brisbane.


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William Thomas Thornhill Webber, 1885. State Library of Queensland