All Hallows' 'Aderton' Convent & School

All Hallows' 'Aderton' Convent & School

Name: All Hallows' 'Aderton' Convent & School

Time: 1880 - Current

Epoch: Late 19th Century

Category: Catholic Combined College

Institution Category: Education

Institution Group: Combined Levels

Coordinates: -27.4611116666667, 153.032778333333

Street Address: 547 Ann St, Fortitude Valley

Suburb: Fortitude Valley

Sector: Independent \'Catholic\'

Local Study Area: Spring Hill-CBD-Fortitude Valley-New Farm (Inner City)

Study Stage: MBNH Stage 9 Local Study Areas

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All Hallows was founded in 1861. The school was the first permanent home of the Sisters of Mercy in Queensland, and is the oldest surviving secondary school. The School began a small House of Mercy at a site adjacent to Saint Stephen’s Cathedral, and then the Convent obtained on Duncan’s Hill around 1889 — Adderton House, constructed in 1858 by John Petrie for George Fullerton.

Geographic Description 1: Inside The Green Belt

Geographic Description 2: Brisbane River; York’s Hollow

Geographic Description 3: Flood Plains; High River Banks (still floods); Wide Valley between Ridgelines (St Pauls Tce and [further west] Geogory Tce, and [to east] area around McLachalan Street and Bowen Tce)


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All Hallows’ Main Building at Duncan Hill, c. 1889. Photographer: A. Lomer & Co. Archive: John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland. []