Archibald Meston

Archibald Meston

Name: Archibald Meston

Epoch: Late 19th Century (the \'Long Nineteenth Century\')

Grouping Field: Humanities (Ideas Formatted as Ideas) and Social Science (Models)

Location Grouping: Individual\'s Work Location

Map Coordinates: 27°28\'26.0\"S 153°01\'30.2\"E

Years At Location: 1898-1903

One Historical Setting: Mr. Archibald Meston, Protector of Aboriginals for Southern Queensland, William Street, Brisbane City (1898)

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Archibald Meston was Protector of Aboriginals for Southern Queensland from 1898 to 1903. He could be confused with Archibald Lawrence Meston (1890-1951), educationist, historian and anthropologist, a remote cousin of Archibald Meston. One wonders if the local authority of the Queensland Meston was confused for that of his cousin. Meston was also the Director of the Queensland Government Tourist Bureau in Sydney from 1910.

Impact On Brisbane Society

Archibald Meston’s career was mostly as a journalist, and his alleged scholarship on Aboriginal persons and customs, as well as Queensland geography, was unfortunately grounded in a coarse journalistic mindset (*) rather than the research; not even ‘bad’ imperialistic research of anthropologists in this era. Yet Meston’s ill-considered works became ‘gospel’ through The Brisbane Courier and other Queensland newspapers. In 1895 his Geographic History of Queensland had been published in Brisbane.

*The mindset I am referring to is tell a good story at the cost of factual accuracy and complex theory; the ideal practice of investigative journalism is excluded from the criticism.


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