Moreton Bay Girls' High School

Moreton Bay Girls' High School

Name: Moreton Bay Girls' High School

Time: 1901 - 1976

Epoch: Early 20th Century

Category: Educational College (Secondary)

Institution Category: Education

Institution Group: Secondary

Coordinates: -27.443055, 153.173666666667

Street Address: Moreton Bay Girls\' High School, Bay Terrace, bounded by Charlotte and Florence Streets

Suburb: Wynnum

Sector: Independent \'Protestant\'

Local Study Area: Wynnum-Wynnum West-Manly-Lota-Manly West

Study Stage: MBSH Stage 4 Local Study Areas

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Moreton Bay Girls’ High School was founded in 1901 by Miss Alice J. Alison Greene and her sister Anne, in a school specially designed and built by their father. The School started with six boarders and twenty day scholars. In 1944, the Greene family handed the school over to the Methodist Church and for a year and a half Miss Elsie Greene was acting headmistress. The Methodist Church gave the school to the Presbyterian and Methodist Schools’ Association to administer and they appointed Miss Ellen Christensen in 1946 to the headship. Miss Christensen was the headmistress from 1946 to 1949 but family illness led to her absence, during which time Miss Popple was acting principal. Millicent Drewe was appointed headmistress from 1950 to 1964. The School’s girls did not sit for Senior until 1959 when there were 167 pupils in all. In 1957 the School’s name was changed to Moreton Bay College.

Geographic Description 1: Outside The Green Belt

Geographic Description 2: Moreton Bay (Southern); Wynnum Creek

Geographic Description 3: Flood Plains (Small); Flood Gullies; Hills; Ridgeline (Wynnum North); Coastal


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