Clayfield College

Clayfield College

Name: Clayfield College

Time: 1931 - Current

Epoch: Early 20th Century

Category: PMSA College

Institution Category: Education

Institution Group: Combined Levels

Coordinates: -27.4198001, 153.0530125

Street Address: 23 Gregory St, Clayfield QLD 4011

Suburb: Clayfield

Sector: Independent \'Protestant\'

Local Study Area: Clayfield-Albion-Hamilton

Study Stage: MBNH Stage 10 Local Study Areas

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Clayfield College was founded in 1931. It grew out of the Brisbane Boys’ College’s Clayfield history, going back to 1902, taking its old campus when Somerville House set up its primary school department on the site (1931). Thus we have a location history with the intersection of three schools operated by the Presbyterian and Methodist Schools Association. When a secondary school was established in 1935, Clayfield was separated from Somerville House. Clayfield’s first Principal was Nancy Ashburn (retired in 1964).

Geographic Description 1: Inside The Green Belt

Geographic Description 2: Kedron Brook

Geographic Description 3: Flood Gullies; Hills (Large); Ridgeline (Slopes off, in part, Sandgate Road)


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