Elsie Harwood

Elsie Harwood

Name: Elsie Harwood

Epoch: Late 20th Century

Grouping Field: Humanities (Ideas Formatted as Ideas) and Social Science (Models)

Location Grouping: Individual\'s Work Location

Map Coordinates: 27°29\'51.9\"S 153°00\'48.9\"E

Years At Location: 1985-1988

One Historical Setting: Dr Elsie Harwood, Department of Psychology, University of Queensland[TBA] (1985)

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Elsie Harwood was a foundation member and Fellow of the Australian Psychological Society. Her family lived in the Wynnum area where her father operated a grocery business.

Impact On Brisbane Society

Elsie Harwood moved with her family from London to Brisbane in the 1920s, and she was educated at the Brisbane Girls Grammar School. Although she would be an accomplished classicist at the University of Queensland, with a Classics M.A. degree for her thesis on the Island of Rhodes from 411 B.C. to 167 B.C., Harwood would gain an international reputation in psychology. Elsie Harwood was a pioneer in the field of geropsychology, a field that emphasizes the importance of an active life as we age. When Department of Psychology was established separately from philosophy around 1985, Harwood was one of the key players to make psychology a major discipline for Queensland. In 1988 Harwood was honoured by the Australian Association of Gerontology, which awarded her the first David Wallace address and medal together with life membership of the Association. Harwood had several Brisbane connections. She was appointed Senior Mistress in Classics at St. Margaret’s Anglican School in Clayfield, before her academic career took off.


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