Wynnum School of Arts

Wynnum School of Arts

Name: Wynnum School of Arts

Time: 1913 - Ceased?

Epoch: Early 20th Century

Category: School of Arts

Institution Category: Informing

Institution Group: Public Community Education

Coordinates: -27.4469716666667, 153.176388333333

Street Address: Wynnum School of Arts, 217-223 Bay Terrace, Wynnum

Suburb: Wynnum

Sector: Independent \'Community\'

Local Study Area: Wynnum-Wynnum West-Manly-Lota-Manly West

Study Stage: MBSH Stage 4 Local Study Areas

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The Wynnum School of Arts was built in 1915. The first part of this buiding (central section) opened as the Wynnum-Many School of Arts library not long after WWI began. Later two extensions were added to either side of the School of Arts to provide a dining hall and a dance hall. This allowed the School of Arts to serve a wider community through being leased for social functions, such as dances, balls or wedding receptions. It was a venue for the district’s horticultural shows. It is a distinctive building with a triple gable joined to a central roofline. It continues its prime function, now. as the Wynnum Community Centre

Geographic Description 1: Outside The Green Belt

Geographic Description 2: Moreton Bay (Southern); Wynnum Creek

Geographic Description 3: Flood Plains (Small); Flood Gullies; Hills; Ridgeline (Wynnum North); Coastal


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