Sandgate Library

Sandgate Library

Name: Sandgate Library

Time: 1952 - Current

Epoch: Late 20th Century

Category: Public Library

Institution Category: Informing

Institution Group: Public Community Education

Coordinates: -27.3206383333333, 153.070445

Street Address: Sandgate Library, (Town Hall) Seymour Street, Sandgate

Suburb: Sandgate

Sector: Local Government

Local Study Area: Brighton-Sandgate-Shorncliffe-Deagon

Study Stage: MBNH Stage 12 Local Study Areas

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The foundation stone for the Sandgate Town Hall was laid by Sir William MacGregor, Governor of Queensland, on 14 October 1911.

Geographic Description 1: Outside The Green Belt

Geographic Description 2: Moreton Bay (Northern); Cabbage Tree Creek (Tighgum); Deagon Wetlands; Dowse Lagoon

Geographic Description 3: Flood Plains (Major); Plains (unflooded); Coastal


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