Annerley Library

Annerley Library

Name: Annerley Library

Time: 1957 - Current

Epoch: Late 20th Century

Category: Public Library

Institution Category: Informing

Institution Group: Public Community Education

Coordinates: -27.5093883333333, 153.033305

Street Address: Annerley Library, 450 Ipswich Rd, Annerley

Suburb: Annerley

Sector: Local Government

Local Study Area: Fairfield-Annerley (formerly pilot)

Study Stage: MBSH Stage 2 Local Study Areas

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The Annerley District Municipal Library opened on 9 August 1957. It was designed by Brisbane City Council’s distinguished architect, James Birrell. Its original collection was 5,229 adult and 5,076 children books. The estimate cost of the collection was £6,000. By June 1958 the library had 5,240 borrowers (1,785 adults). The first librarian was Judy Greenstreet with assistants Margie Bargewell, Val Bayliss, and Beverley McLeod. Libraries are not the only indicator of a local literary culture but they are perceived as the main monument of a literary culture. In which case it would appear to be a good question as to why a community library appeared so late in the history of a upper middle class district. A School of Arts had been requested on this site since 1891, and within the district since 1886.

Geographic Description 1: Inside The Green Belt

Geographic Description 2: Norman Creek

Geographic Description 3: Ridgeline (Steep, Annerley and Ipswich Roads); Small flood areas (part of Thompson Estate, from Norman Creek)


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