Aquinas Library (Christian Brothers’ Old Boys’ Literary and Debating Society)

Name: Aquinas Library (Christian Brothers’ Old Boys’ Literary and Debating Society)

Time: 1932 - Current

Epoch: Early 20th Century

Category: Scholarly Society

Institution Category: Informing

Institution Group: Public Community Education

Coordinates: -27.3768333333333, 153.086195

Street Address: Aquinas Library, c/ Banyo Seminary, Banyo

Suburb: Banyo

Sector: Independent \'Catholic\'

Local Study Area: Boondall-Nudgee-Banyo-Northgate-Virginia

Study Stage: MBNH Stage 11 Local Study Areas

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The Aquinas Library was established in 1932 by the Christian Brothers’ Old Boys’ Literary and Debating Society. Important Queensland Catholic literary figures donated items to the Aquinas Library. The collection had around 15,000 items dating back to the 1800s. Donators included Martin Haley, Rev. T.P. Boland, Rev. O.K. Oxenham and John P. Kelly. The inaugural Aquinas Lecture was delivered in 1944 by John Kelly in the rooms of the Aquinas Library. The lecture series ran yearly at the Aquinas Library from 1944-1950. It was re-established in 1979 by the Aquinas Library and later continued by the ACU Brisbane campus.

Geographic Description 1: Outside The Green Belt

Geographic Description 2: Kedron Brook; Nundah Creek

Geographic Description 3: Flood Plains and Flood Gullies; Hills (Seminary Hill)


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