Kindergarten Training College (1913-19, 'Shafston House')

Name: Kindergarten Training College (1913-19, 'Shafston House')

Time: 1851 - Closed

Epoch: Early 19th Century

Category: State Teachers\' College

Institution Category: Education

Institution Group: Tertiary

Coordinates: -27.4758333333333, 153.039916666667

Street Address: 23 Castlebar St, Kangaroo Point

Suburb: Kangaroo Point

Sector: State

Local Study Area: Kangaroo Point-East Brisbane

Study Stage: MBSH Stage 3 Local Study Areas

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Rev. Robert Creyke bought 10.5 acres here in 1851 and began building his home ‘Ravenscot’. In 1852, Henry Russell bought the property, added 34 acres and renamed it ‘Shafston’, after his wife’s Jamacian birthplace. Capt. Louis Hope bought it in 1859 and rented it to prominent citizens (e.g. Queensland Parliametary Speaker Gilbert Elliot, solicitor Daniel Foley, Dr. Henry Challinor, grazier William Barker). After 1873, Hope sub-divided his land into many town lots. Reduced to 4 acres, Shafston sold in 1892 to Mary Foster, who had the house redesigned by architect F.D.G. Stanley to reflect a Yorkshire Manor. It was the Kindergarten Training College (1913-19). Bought by the Commonwealth, after WW, for a services rehabilitation home, it was renamed ANZAC House. Transferred to the RAAF (1969-87).

Geographic Description 1: Inside The Green Belt

Geographic Description 2: Brisbane River

Geographic Description 3: Flood Plains; Ridgeline (Steep); Major River Penninsula


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