Lumeah High School

Name: Lumeah High School

Time: 1911 - Closed

Epoch: Early 20th Century

Category: State High School

Institution Category: Education

Institution Group: Secondary

Coordinates: -27.475556, 152.991667

Street Address: Auchenflower QLD 4066

Suburb: Auchenflower

Sector: State

Local Study Area: Toowong-St Lucia-Indooroopilly

Study Stage: MBNH Stage 7 Study Areas

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Lumeah High School and Kindergarten for Girls was opened at the corner of Jones, Dart and Munro Streets, Auchenflower in 1911 by Miss Elsie Brabazon. The school enjoyed enrolments of more than 100 students during its lifetime. In 1933, the school was bought by Mrs. Dargan and transferred to Norwood Street, Toowong. It closed in 1937. Secondary Education in Queensland, outside the privileged provisions of the 1860 Grammar Schools Act, did not start until 1912, with the state undertaking to establish free high schools in places with a likely attendance of 25 qualified students, provided that there was no other provision for State-aided secondary education (such as grammar schools) in these places. Even so, secondary education in Queensland was not substantively provided (outside of Grammar and other class-based schools) until the first suburban, multilateral (offering a variety of courses) State high schools were opened in Brisbane; at Wynnum in 1942 and Cavendish Road in 1952. Several state reviews were generated by the great disappointment the community had of the state system, including transitions from primary to secondary education, and the transitions from secondary to tertiary education. Historically, the Queensland education system had been under pressure from instrumental policies which prioritised towards the state’s old agrarian and emerging industrial economy.

Geographic Description 1: Inside The Green Belt

Geographic Description 2: Brisbane River; Milton Creek [sealed over]

Geographic Description 3: Flood Plains; Flood Gullies (Major); Hills


Toowong History Group Inc; Entry extracted from Queensland Department of Education document, Secondary Education, undated.

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