Ascot Aboriginal Camp

Stage Number: MBNH.10.01.01

Group: Old Town & River

Local Study Area: Clayfield-Albion-Hamilton

Epoch: Early 19th Century

Street Address: 127-165 Sandgate Road Albion

Latitude & Longitude: -27.43391667,153.04341667

Time Link: 1823

Map Link: 1865

Image Time Point: 1865

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An Aboriginal Camp that persisted int th 1890s, associated with fishing in Breakfast Creek and adjacent swamplands (now Crosby Park and Ascot Raceway). Probably the Camp the headman Dalaipi stayed at when he dictated his ‘Indictments’which were published in The Courier 1858


Ray Kerkhove, 2015, Aboriginal Campsites of Greater Brisbane (Salisbury: Boolarong), 81.

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