Bristol Tannery

Stage Number: MBNH.11.03.17

Group: Northern

Local Study Area: Chermside-Wavell Heights-Kedron-Nundah

Epoch: Early 20th Century

Street Address: Corner of Bristol and Childers Roads, Kedron

Latitude & Longitude: -27.39886111,153.03472222

Time Link: 1906

Map Link: 1907

Image Time Point: 1907

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Further downstream was the Bristol Tannery which was the last and largest of Paul Maggs three tanneries. He sold the small Avondale Tannery (1889-1894) and the larger Edinburgh Tannery (1894-1904 before building the Bristol Tannery (1906-1966). Johnsons & Sons of Chermside in 1966 bought out Maggs and Pills and kept them operating till 1973 when they sold the lot for housing and moved to the northern outskirts of Brisbane, the traditional location of the Tanning Industry.


Paul Maggs Granddaughter; David Teague – History of Kedron C 1975 – Newspapers Trove; Chermside District Historical Society

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