Cairncross Naval Graving Dry Dock

Stage Number: MBSH.03.03.37

Group: Southern

Local Study Area: Bulimba-Balmoral-Hawthorne-Morningside

Epoch: Early 20th Century

Street Address: Thynne Road, Colmslie

Latitude & Longitude: -27.44833333,153.07655556

Time Link: 1942

Map Link: 1943

Image Time Point: 1943

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the Brisbane Graving Dock at Cairncross was commenced in August 1942 as an additional repair facility, in addition to South Brisbane Graving Dock, as a place for carrying out repairs on navy and merchant vessels. Approximately 100 vessels including 16 Australian and 23 British naval ships including small aircraft carriers, merchant ships, tankers, destroyers, and submarine tenders, were serviced at the facility.


Bulimba District Historical Society Inc; Queensland WWII Historic Places Website

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