Coorparoo Brethren Meeting Rooms

Stage Number: MBSH.03.06.27

Group: Southern

Local Study Area: Greenslopes-Coorparoo

Epoch: Early 20th Century

Street Address: 143 Cavendish Rd, Coorparoo

Latitude & Longitude: -27.49311111,153.058

Time Link: 1934

Map Link: 1940

Image Time Point: 1940

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The Bretheren Church began in Schwarzenau, Germany in 1708. In 1723, the first Bretheren Church in America was founded and German migration to the U.S.A. saw the Church gain a large following. It later spread to the British Empire. The Bretheren labelled their places of worship as meeting rooms. A pacifist religion, the Bretheren saw possibilties in a war-weary Australia, following the end of WWI. Pacificism and appeasement were popular with the public, well into the mid-1930s. The Bretheren had built this, its first church, on the southside, by 1934. This small and simple timber church is in the style favoured by the Bretheren and is also known as a Gospel Hall.


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