Dyson Farmland

Stage Number: MBSH.02.10.01

Group: Southern

Local Study Area: Sunnybank-Banoon

Epoch: Late 19th Century

Street Address: 6 Troughton Road

Latitude & Longitude: -27.57538056,153.04597778

Time Link: 1867

Map Link: TBA

Image Time Point: TBA

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William Dyson was the first selector of land in this area having applied for these two farms (69 acres/27.6 hectares) on 8 August 1867. After fulfilling the required condition of enclosing with a fence and residing on one of them, he obtained his freehold deed 8 years later. He had been farming before his 1867 application as, in 1866, he received an honourable mention for his French beans, fresh butter and bacon at the Queensland Horticultural and Agricultural Society’s winter exhibition in the School of Arts in Brisbane. William Dyson was involved in community affairs as chairman of the local branch of the East Moreton Farmers Society in 1869 and 1870, and the school committee in 1876 and 1877. After his wife, Emma, neé Reedman, died in 1878, William offered his farms for sale, describing them as ‘valuable and compact property … fenced and subdivided’. The sale included a 6 roomed house, sealed and lined, with a detached kitchen as well as pens, yards and 2 acre (0.8 hectare) garden.


Register of leases – April to August 1867, Survey Office, p. 376, Item ID 102539, QSA; The Brisbane Courier, 19 July 1866; The Brisbane Courier, 3 April 1869, 18 June 1870, 8 July 1876 and 22 September 1877, 13 June 1878.

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