Eight Mile Plains United Protestant Church

Stage Number: MBSH.04.06.03

Group: Eastern & Bay

Local Study Area: Eight Mile Plains-Kuraby

Epoch: Early 20th Century

Street Address: 17 Millers Rd. Eight Mile Plains

Latitude & Longitude: -27.58994722,153.1061

Time Link: 1904

Map Link: TBA

Image Time Point: TBA

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Built 1902-04. It is Eight Mile Plains’ first permanent place of Christian worship. United Protestant Churches allowed rural communities of dissenting Protestant traditions (Methodists, Congregational, etc.) to constructed the one local church building, sharing the cost of building and maintenance. Each denomination would be given a roster for its alternate weekend services, until the congregation had built their own district chuch. Those congregations of the dissenting Protestant tradition tended to share puritan values in the early twentieth century, and the denominations belong to the Queensland Council of Churches. After opening in 1904, three trustees from the United Protestant Church administerd the site. It is now an Anglican church. Placed near the local school, this Church was used for public meetings. It denoted the locality of the fledgling Eight Mile Plains township.


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