Ekibin Shanty Town

Ekibin Shanty Town

Stage Number: MBSH.02.03.05

Group: Southern

Local Study Area: Ekibin-Tarragindi

Epoch: Early 20th Century

Street Address: 47 Lutzow Street, Ekibin

Latitude & Longitude: -27.52058333,153.04575

Time Link: 1945

Map Link: 1946

Image Time Point: 1946

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The Great Depression of the 1930s, followed by the post-World War II housing shortage, led to a number of unofficial ‘homeless camps’ being established around Brisbane. One such in the Ekibin area had as many as 600 families living there at one time. By 1954 that number had decreased to 148 as many of the huts there had been demolished and the residents moved into housing commission homes. Even then, there were still between 300-500 children accommodated in a State and a convent school in the camp. Many of the people were squatting in a former military hospital. This dilapidated camp was bulldozed shortly afterwards and the remaining residents were re-located.


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