Fairfield Ax-grinding Grooves

Stage Number: MBSH.02.02.54

Group: Southern

Local Study Area: Fairfield-Annerley (formerly pilot)

Epoch: Early 19th Century

Street Address: 153 Venner Street

Latitude & Longitude: -27.51241667,153.02277778

Time Link: 1823

Map Link: 1844

Image Time Point: 1844

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An area used for sharpening stone axes and possibly plant-food processing. This was one end of the ‘Bloggo Scrub’ so may have pertained to plants procurred from this rainforest pocket and the work of harvesting honey from the trees.


Ray Kerkhove, ‘Enduring Prescence,’ in Stephen Sheaffe, Stories of Stephens: A History of Annerley and the Surrounding Suburbs Annerley: Annerley-Stephens Historical Society, 2017, pp.14-15.

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