Home of Ambrose Eldridge (Milton House 1853)

Stage Number: MBNH.07.03.14

Group: Western

Local Study Area: Bardon-Red Hill-Milton-Kelvin Grove

Epoch: Early 19th Century

Street Address: 52 McDougall St, Milton

Latitude & Longitude: -27.47177778,153.00583333

Time Link: 1852

Map Link: 1865

Image Time Point: 1865

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Milton House, the first residence of substance in the Western suburbs, was built in 1853 above the level of the 1893 floods by Ambrose Eldridge, a chemist. Eldridge had purchased 30 acres of riverfront land, just west of Brisbane Town, naming it Milton Farm. Amongst other crops he produced cotton for export to Lancashire in England. John McDougall, an Australian born pastoralist, purchased the house in 1855 and lived there until the 1860s, retaining the freehold land until the 1880s.


Toowong District History Group Inc.

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