Inala Sports Centre

Inala Sports Centre

Stage Number: MBSH.05.06.10

Group: Western

Local Study Area: Wacol-Richlands-Inala

Epoch: Late 20th Century

Street Address: Corner of Serviceton Avenue and Sycamore Street, Inala

Latitude & Longitude: -27.59197222,152.97691667

Time Link: 1959

Map Link: 1960

Image Time Point: 1960

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The Inala Sports Centre on Serviceton Avenue was opened in October 1959. It contained a pool, followed by a roller-skating rink, squash court, canteen/shop and an upstairs managers apartment. It was built by Boss Brothers, primarily using concrete. Jack Boss recalled that, ‘We built the swimming pool first, then the roller skating rink. At first the wooden floor was too noisy, so we added a cushioning membrane, then another layer of hardwood. It ended up a beautiful floor, best in Australia. We had 200 pairs of skates for hire, and we made the wheels – of laminated wood – in the Darra factory, and the metal chassis were made in a nearby metalworks in Station Road Darra too…’ Con and Bev Galtos leased and operated the Sports Centre from 1962-80. Under their management the sport of skating developed to national standard and the Centre hosted state, national and international skaters and events. Initially, the two pools were used by local schools as well as residents. However, over time patronage fell away and Brisbane City Council withdrew its subsidies. The pools were closed in 1990, although skating at the venue continued until 1997. The building now stands empty.


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Image Citations

Construction work on the Inala Sports Centre, Serviceton Avenue, Inala, 1959. Image: Jack Boss.

Map References

Qimagery. Greater Brisbane 1960. Scale: 1:16,000.