Morningside School of Arts

Morningside School of Arts

Name: Morningside School of Arts

Group: Institutional Location

Type: School of Arts

Years at Location: 1926-Ceased?

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Impact on Brisbane Society

Morningside developed into a fashionable suburb after WWI. There was seen to be the need for a community facility to hold a libray and meeting rooms and which could be leased for dances, balls, public lectures and church services. The site chosen for the proposed School of Arts was beside busy Wynnum Road, close to the Balmoral tram line terminus. Fundraising during the early 1920s enabled a contract to be awarded to builders Crowther & Sons. The firm completed this substantial brick School of Arts by 1926. Like Brisbane’s other, similar buildings, it became the property of the Greater Brisbane City Council. This hall remains in community use.


Brisbane City Council, Heritage Register 

Image Citations

Morningside School of Arts. Photographer: Rae Allen []