OK Building

Stage Number: MBNH.09.01.87

Group: Old Town & River

Local Study Area: Brisbane City (CBD)

Epoch: Early 20th Century

Street Address: 117 Queen St, Brisbane City

Latitude & Longitude: -27.46997222,153.02513889

Time Link: 1926

Map Link: 1927

Image Time Point: 1927

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OK Building was built in 1926, Architects: Hall & Prentice. It was constructed for OK Foxwell Ltd., which was the 1924 merger of the tailoring firms of O’Keefe Brothers and Foxwell Brothers. It was built as retail and a city offices and, at 8-10 storeys, it was to be the City’s first high-rise building.


J. Ford & S. Grassadonia, C.B.D Masterplan Heritage Survey 2003-07, Parts 1-5, (B.C.C., 2008)

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