Olsen Residence (Dorinda)

Olsen Residence (Dorinda)

Stage Number: MBSH.02.02.16

Group: Southern

Local Study Area: Fairfield-Annerley

Epoch: Late 19th Century

Street Address: 23 Junction Terrace

Latitude & Longitude: -27.50848611,153.0352

Time Link: 1890

Map Link: 1890

Image Time Point: 1890

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This brick residence was built around 1890, during a period of increased urbanisation in Annerley following improvements in transport and civic services. The first owner of the house, John Olsen, played a prominent role in Brisbane’s churches, clubs and societies, including as a founder of the Queensland Musical, Literary and Self-aid Society for the Blind. The house was named ‘Dorinda’ after Olsen’s wife and the property remained in the family until 1972.


Residence. Brisbane City Council Heritage Register.

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Residence. Brisbane City Council Heritage Registrar.

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