South Brisbane Municipal Council

Stage Number: MBSH.03.01.92

Group: Southern

Local Study Area: West End-South Brisbane-North Woolloongabba

Epoch: Late 19th Century

Street Address: 263 Vulture St, South Brisbane

Latitude & Longitude: -27.48305556,153.02536111

Time Link: 1892

Map Link: 1895

Image Time Point: 1895

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The South Brisbane Municipal Council first met on this site on 1 July 1892. Built 1892, Architect: John Hall & Sons. South Brisbane Municipal Council was formed in 1888 covering Woolloongabba,West End, Highgate Hill, Dutton Park & South Brisbane. This was that Council’s HQ until the amalgamation of all the local councils into the Greater Brisbane City Council in 1925. That council used the ex-Town Hall as as a Works Deot then converted into flats for migrant City Engineers and families. In WWII (1942-44), it was the U.S. Provost Corps (military police) HQ. It was used as the Queensland Conservatorium of Music (C1967) and, later, part of Somerville House school.


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