St Andrews Anglican Church

Stage Number: MBSH.03.01.11

Group: Southern

Local Study Area: West End-South Brisbane-North Woolloongabba

Epoch: Late 19th Century

Street Address: 160 Vulture St. Soinh Brisbane

Latitude & Longitude: -27.48149167,153.01917222

Time Link: 1878

Map Link: 1879

Image Time Point: 1879

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Built 1878-83, the architect was Andrea Stombuco, replaced the riverside St. Thomas Catholic Church. Foundation stone laid by colonial Governor Sir Arthur Kennedy in November 1878. Stombuco was a favouite archiect of the Catholic Church and he designed a cruciform, masonary building, featuring a tower and spire. But this elaborate, costly (£5200) style was unpopular with parishoners. Limited fundraising saw the construction drag onto June 1883, when a new builder, John O’Keefe, completed a smaller, usable church. It could seat 340 and it reflected South Brisbane’s growing population and importance. Most of Stombuco’s design was completed in the 1930s but the spire remains unbuilt.


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