Treasury Chambers

Stage Number: MBNH.09.01.39

Group: Old Town & River

Local Study Area: Brisbane City (CBD)

Epoch: Late 19th Century

Street Address: 40 Elizabeth St & 181-191 George St, Brisbane City

Latitude & Longitude: -27.4715,153.02427778

Time Link: 1886

Map Link: 1887

Image Time Point: 1887

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Treasury Chambers was built in 1886, Architect: R. Gailey. It became ‘St Francis House’ and then the ‘Symons Building’ before being demolished in the 1980s. Only the front facade was saved and it stodd alone, on a vacant over for three decades. It is an example of ‘facadism’ approach to heritage taken by the Bjlke-Petersen government. This ended with the heritage register protection enacted by subsequent state governments, after 1990.


Department of Enviroment & Heritage Protection, Qld Heritage Register citation No.600116

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