Upper Brookfield State School

Stage Number: MBNH.06.04.09

Group: Western

Local Study Area: Upper Brookfield-Brookfield

Epoch: Early 20th Century

Street Address: 496 Upper Brookfield Road, Upper Brookfield 

Latitude & Longitude: -27.47844444,152.86883333

Time Link: 1916

Map Link: 1917

Image Time Point: 1917

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Upper Brookfield State School opened in 1916. It was a low-set ‘open air’ structure. Canvas blinds were replaced with sash windows in 1923 and in 1933 a high-set building for sixty pupils replaced the original. That year the Department of Public Instruction provided a teacher’s residence, now used for Out of School Hours Care. The highest enrolment was 91 pupils in 1956. The present enrolment of about forty students enjoy the multi-age classes and the rural environment.


Ogilvie, Sue. Editor. 2016. Upper Brookfield State School Centenary 1916-2916. Upper Brookfield State School
Available from Upper Brookfield State School.

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