Villanova College

Villanova College

Name: Villanova College

Group: Institutional Location

Type: Educational College (Secondary)

Years at Location: 1953-Current

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The College’s Motto is Vincit Veritas (Truth Conquers). The College outlook is in the Augustinian tradition.

Impact on Brisbane Society

Villanova College opened in 1948, in the suburb of Whinstanes (now part of Hamilton), organised by six Irish priests from the Order of Saint Augustine. The College was relocated and re-established at the former ‘Langlands’, in Coorparoo, built by the merchant Reuben Nicklin. Langlands had previously been the Good Samaritan Convent of Saint Scholastica until 1953, when the new Villanova College opened. The First Rector of the College was Father Ben O’Donnell (1948–1958).


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Villanova College with Goold Hall left of picture. Photographer: Commander Keane []