Wynnum Shire Clerks Cottage

Stage Number: MBSH.04.02.10

Group: Eastern & Bay

Local Study Area: Wynnum-Wynnum West-Manly-Lota-Manly West

Epoch: Late 19th Century

Street Address: 229-245 Tingal Rd. Wynnum

Latitude & Longitude: -27.44141667,153.16897778

Time Link: 1890

Map Link: 1890

Image Time Point: 1890

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Built 1890. It was the residence of the chief local government official, the Shire Clerk of the then Kianawah Divisional Board that was formed in 1888, when it was separated from the Bulimba Divisional Board (1879). Kianawah was renamed Wynnum Divisional Board, after the rail line, in 1892. The Wynnum Shire was created in 1903, which became the Wynnum Town Council in 1912 . Wynnum Town Hall (demolished) was adjacent to this building. This cottage remained the home of Shire Clerk throughout all of these changes but in 1925, his role ended when all town and shire councils were amalgamated into the Greater Brisbane City Council. Allowed too deteriorate, the Shire Clerks’ Cottage was finally restored in 1984.


Brisbane City Council, Heritage Trail – Wynnum-Manly Series No.8 [1st Edition], (Brisbane: Brisbane City Council, 1991)

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