Women’s College (Kangaroo Point)

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Name: Women’s College (Kangaroo Point)

Group: University Residential College

Type: Institutional Location

Years at Location: 1914-1958

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The University of Queensland was established in George Street in 1911, and a number of student residential colleges opened along Shafston Avenue at Kangaroo Point, from near where the students could catch a ferry into the city. Queensland’s first female university college - The Women’s College - was established around here in ‘Chislehurst’, a house leased from Captain Carter, in March 1914. This house featured four bedrooms, drawing and dining rooms, kitchen, several outbuildings, and stables. A few years later, the neighbouring house ‘Oskarhome’ was also used as part of the college. The Women's College moved to its current site at St Lucia in 1958, and Chislehurst was demolished in 1970.

Impact on Brisbane Society

Further research is underway.


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