Lourdes Hill College

Lourdes Hill College

Name: Lourdes Hill College

Time: 1916 - Current

Epoch: Early 20th Century

Category: Catholic Secondary College

Institution Category: Education

Institution Group: Secondary

Coordinates: -27.4692783333333, 153.058555

Street Address: 75 Hawthorne Rd, Hawthorne

Suburb: Hawthorne

Sector: Independent \'Catholic\'

Local Study Area: Bulimba-Balmoral-Hawthorne-Morningside

Study Stage: MBSH Stage 3 Local Study Areas

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This Catholic convent school opened in 1916. It was later part of Archibishop Duhig’s vision of precincts of churches and schools spread across small parishes that saw the expansion of this school. The Hall was built, in 1918, atop a local hill so as to give Lourdes Hill College a prominent position in Hawthorne and surrounds. It became a Girls boarding school, the College gained a reputation for excellence in education for young Queensland women. It ceased taking boarders in 2011.

Geographic Description 1: Inside The Green Belt

Geographic Description 2: Brisbane River

Geographic Description 3: Ridgeline (Short)


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