The Brisbane Spiritual Church

The Brisbane Spiritual Church

Name: The Brisbane Spiritual Church

Time: 1913 - Current

Epoch: Early 20th Century

Category: Cultural Community of Education

Institution Category: Informing

Institution Group: Public Community Education

Coordinates: -27.4616666666667, 153.028805

Street Address: The Brisbane Spiritual Church, 228 Boundary St, Spring Hill

Suburb: Spring Hill

Sector: Independent \'Heterodoxy\'

Local Study Area: Spring Hill-CBD-Fortitude Valley-New Farm (Inner City)

Study Stage: MBNH Stage 9 Local Study Areas

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The Brisbane Spiritual Church began, as the Brisbane Queensland Lyceum, in 1913. At the start, 409 members were enrolled in the British Spiritualists’ Lyceum Union. Arthur Conan Doyle, on his Australian tour, laid the corner stone in January 1921. The first President-Minister was Theodor Reinhold (1913- 1928).

Geographic Description 1: Inside The Green Belt

Geographic Description 2: York’s Hollow

Geographic Description 3: Hills (Large); Not Prone to Flooding but with low-lying valley area


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