Wacol Housing Camp (1947 – c1960)

Stage Number: MBSH.05.06.20

Group: Western

Local Study Area: Wacol-Richlands-Inala

Epoch: Late 20th Century

Street Address: 175 Wacol Road, Wacol

Latitude & Longitude: -27.58513889,152.92413889

Time Link: 1947

Map Link: 1950

Image Time Point: 1950

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In 1947 Camp Columbia land north of the railway line was leased from the Army to become the Wacol Housing Camp. Initially, the government provided minimal services – retaining the military like communal bathrooms and laundries – and charged a minimal rent. Gradually, they converted some huts to family units. In July 1949, the Courier Mail reported – “To provide additional temporary housing at Camp Columbia, Wacol, army buildings at former headquarters and block B will be converted into 66 temporary housing tenements for that number of families. Already 160 families are living at Camp Columbia.” Ultimately there were 12 camps around Brisbane providing temporary accommodation. In 1950, the Housing Commission reported 1200 people at the Wacol camp – and there were waiting lists. Meanwhile, the government was pressing ahead with building rental estates such as Inala – and many of the first Housing Commission tenants in 1953 were from the Wacol Housing Camp. The last Housing Camp in Brisbane closed in 1960.


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