St Leo’s College (Wickham Terrace)

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Name: St Leo’s College (Wickham Terrace)

Group: University Residential College

Type: Institutional Location

Years at Location: 1917-1954

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St Leo’s College was founded in 1917. It was created as a university residential college for the new university in an adaption from the Oxbridge model. Only a small amount of axillary tutorials occurred in the Australian residential college system, and a true college system existed in the connections to the local seminaries. The College was relocated to the St Lucia campus in 1961.

Impact on Brisbane Society

Further research is underway.


Head, Michael A. (Austin). St. Leo's College, the Memory: St. Leo's College within the University of Queensland 1917-1992. Leonian Press, St Lucia, Qld, 1991.

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