Coorparoo School of Arts 

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Name: Coorparoo School of Arts 

Group: School of Arts

Type: Institutional Location

Years at Location: 1892-Ceased?

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The Coorparoo School of Arts was opened in 1892 for the Coorparoo Shire Council. It existed, as was the original intension of the Councillors (1892), as a Shire Hall. It became the RSL Memorial Hall in the 1930s [?]. How much the facility really acted as a ‘School of Arts’ is uncertain, and further research will hopefully reveal. Nevertheless, local residents had organised a School of Arts Committee around 1925. In 1928, the Trustees of the School of Arts contracted to pay the Greater Brisbane City Council £1000 for the use of the building.

Impact on Brisbane Society

Further research is underway


Further research is underway

Image Citations

Coorparoo School of Arts. Photographer: Shiftchange []

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