Pius XII Seminary

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Name: Pius XII Seminary

Group: Religious College

Type: Institutional Location

Years at Location: 1941-Current

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Pius XII Seminary opened on 27th April 1941. The number of students at the Seminary reached a high point of 134 in 1967. In 1975, there were 58 students and the decline of students continued in the following years. The Seminary was closed at the site and moved for a short period to a former convent within the Parish of St Paschal’s in Wavell Heights. In 2007 the Seminary was re-founded on its original site.

Impact on Brisbane Society

At the 1941opening of the Seminary, Archbishop Duhig passionately addressed the crowds and lauded the newly elected Pope Pius XII. Its inheritance is now taken up by the former St Paul's Theological College, and now as Holy Spirit Seminary.


About the Seminary. Holy Spirit Seminary Queensland Webiste.

Image Citations

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