Queensland Bible Institute

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Name: Queensland Bible Institute

Group: Religious College

Type: Institutional Location

Years at Location: 1947-Current

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Queensland Bible Institute (QBI) was established in 1947 at Silky Oaks, an historic property situated at Cross Street, Toowong.

Impact on Brisbane Society

The College had been rebranded several times in the post-1959 period, formerly Bible College of Queensland, Crossway College; now the Brisbane School of Theology. The most influential Principals were Rev C. Harold Nicholls (1957-1969), and Rev Geoffrey J. Paxton (1971-1976). In Paxton’s case, there was a considerable controversy with a militant Restorationalist doctrine.


Parker, David. Top of the Mount: the Story of the Queensland Bible Institute, Queensland Bible Institute, Brisbane, 1981.

Image Citations

Opening of Queensland Bible Institute, 5th July 1947. [http://bst.qld.edu.au/we-have-no-desire-to-go-ahead-except-by-God%27s-leading]

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