Clem Christensen

Clem Christensen

Name: Clem Christensen

Epoch: Early 20th Century (the \'Long Early Twentieth Century\')

Grouping Field: Literature (Fiction)

Location Grouping: Individual\'s Work Location

Map Coordinates: 27°28\'09.7\"S 153°01\'32.5\"E

Years At Location: 1940-1945

One Historical Setting: Mr. Clem Christensen, Offices of Meanjin Quarterly, somewhere in Brisbane [TBA] (1940)

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Clem Christensen was the Founder and Editor of Meanjin Quarterly from 1940, which was established in Brisbane for a few years.

Impact On Brisbane Society

Clem Christensen’s direct impact in Brisbane was limited, as he was among the first of the local intelligentsia to flee Queensland. Many bright minds would follow during the late twentieth century, exiled to the southern states during the periods of insane parochialism from both Labor and conservative governments. Christensen’s influence, however, carried on with his close Brisbane associates, such as Jack McKinney and Judith Wright.


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Image Citation

Clem Christensen (left); group includes historian Geoff Blainey (far right). Photograph No 18532. University of Melbourne Archives Media Photograph Collection.