Belief, Thinking, Knowledge, Education, and Scholarship

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Public Library
Public Museum
Scholarly Society
Religious College
Educational College
Educational College (Tertiary)
Educational College (Secondary)
Educational Centre (Queensland Government Department)
Scholarly Publisher
Cultural Community of Education
School of Arts
University Residential College
University Library
Educational Centre (Primary)
Peformance, Visual Art, and Music


This is the next major stage of the Mapping Brisbane History Project, with MBH Stage 6 taking a closer look at Education in Brisbane’s History.

There will be several mapping programs in this Stage. The first, published in July 2019 as a work-in-progress, looks at the Top 100 Brisbane Institutions of Belief, Thinking, Knowledge, Education, and Scholarship from 1859 to 1959.

Readers are advised that the project research is ongoing and further additions and editing will occur.


The information contained on this website was researched using the information that was available in 2017. It is, therefore, subject to future amendments should new sources become accessible during the next few months to end of December 2018.

The Coopers Plains Local History Group Inc., as a sponsoring member of the Brisbane Southside History Network, had been granted $22,000 in one of the 2016-2017 Brisbane Community History Grants, from the Brisbane City Council’s Brisbane History Grants Program.

The funding and the work of three MBH team members over the next twelve months has produced in one year, 1,000+ heritage and lost Brisbane sites marked and described within 200 words each, thus an asset of possibly 200,000 words professionally researched of Brisbane localities in the form of online historical geography.