Gordon & Gotch Adelaide Street

Name: Gordon & Gotch Adelaide Street

Group: Institutional Location

Type: Scholarly Publisher

Years at Location: 1865-(1885)Ceased?

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Along with Watson & Ferguson, and Angus & Robertson, Gordon and Gotch was a publisher for Brisbane where scholarly works would be available to the community. The history of the city has been a struggle to import and print high-quality works of broad and deep learning. However, in recent decades Queensland historians have uncovered a much more significant reading history than what traditionally was presumed.

Further research is underway.

Impact on Brisbane Society

Gordon and Gotch opened its Brisbane branch in 1875. The Company had begun in a partnership of Alexander Gordon and John Gotch and was incorporated in 1895 and listed in 1897. Its standing as a credible publisher was aided by having a branch in London. The six-storey building of Gordon & Gotch was erected in Adelaide Street in 1926-1927. Gordon & Gotch left the building in 1957.


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Gordon & Gotch Building, Adelaide St.