St Thomas the Apostle Church

St Thomas the Apostle Church

Stage Number: MBNH.07.02.85

Group: Western

Local Study Area: Toowong-St Lucia-Indooroopilly

Epoch: Late 19th Century

Street Address: 69 High St, Toowong

Latitude & Longitude: -27.48708333,152.99052778

Time Link: 1866

Map Link: 1867

Image Time Point: 1867

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Many of the early settler of Toowong such as Richard Langler Drew, J B Fewings, W H Wilson, W L G Drew, W H Ellerker and W C Belridge were English members of the Anglican Church. In 1866 they built the first Anglican Church of St Thomas the Apostle on part of R L Drew’s land in Curlew Street. Being wooden it was ravaged by white ants. Following the upsurge in Toowong’s population when the railway came through in 1875, the second St Thomas Church was built in stone on its present site on the corner of Jephson Street and High Street in 1877. Today it still dominates this corner of Toowong.


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