The MBH Online Mapping Program On-Track for Completion

The MBH online mapping program is on-track for completion, ready for the re-launch in April 2018.

A Master Copy of multiple MBH Data spreadsheets (the most updated file) is being developed and translated to the website MBH mapping program. The process includes integrating over 800 heritage sites from the Brisbane City Council Heritage Register, as well as over 500 lost sites identified by the Royal Historical of Queensland Society in the two ‘Lost Brisbane’ volumes.

The MBH Team conducted consultative meetings with local history groups across Brisbane. This consultation process produce over 200 local history sites databased.

Furthermore, a map collection database has been produced with 12,312 records of map and aerial photographic references sorted into the LSA with map years indicated and searchable by parish, town and suburb names.

The local study program design had been completed with 39 southside study areas, and 25 northside areas, a total across Brisbane of 64 study areas, and 1,000 plus historical markers and panels are being prepared.