Mapping Brisbane Southside History (MBSH)

The Mapping Brisbane Southside History (MBSH) Project is an initiative of the Coopers Plains Local History Group Inc. It is funded by the Brisbane City Council Community History Grant Program.

Currently, the website is the output of the Mapping Brisbane Southside History Project. The project in 2012-2013 is the pilot study to launch this website.

The Coopers Plains Local History Group makes available to local history groups in Brisbane, not only their Brisbane Southside digital map collection for future research, but also the methodology for other parts of Brisbane to build similar historical map collections.

The local areas for the pilot study includes the Fairfield-Annerley area which provides a connection with the Annerley Historical Society and the Boggo Road Gaol Historical Society. The Banoon-Sunnybank pilot area connects our work directly with the Coopers Plains Local History Group and the Sunnybank District History Group. We anticipate that future stages of the project will connect up with the work of the Bulimba District Historical Society and the Mount Gravatt District Historical Association.

The pilot project employed three historical researchers and a spatial scientist for approximately 50 research hours each, a total of 200 hours. Dr Neville Buch, MPHA (Qld), has been a history consultant since 2010. Beryl Roberts, MPHA (Qld), has been a local history researcher for over twenty years. Janice Cooper, MPHA (Qld), is a historian of central western Queensland. Neville, Beryl, and Janice are accredited professional historians (Members of the Professional Historians Association Queensland). Chris Burns, SSSI (Qld) is a leading spatial scientist in Queensland, with 2010 Asia Pacific Young Spatial Professional of the Year, and 2010 Queensland Young Spatial Professional of the Year.

Follow the link to the Acknowledgements page for further information on the MBSH team, and other professional historians and spatial scientists who have greatly assisted in the project.


The information contained on this website was researched using the information that was available in 2017. It is, therefore, subject to future amendments should new sources become accessible in the future.

The Coopers Plains Local History Group Inc., as a sponsoring member of the Brisbane Southside History Network, has been granted $22,000 in one of the 2016-2017 Brisbane Community History Grants, from the Brisbane City Council’s Brisbane History Grants Program.

The funding and the work of three MBH team members over the next twelve months will produce in one year, 1,000+ heritage and lost Brisbane sites marked and described within 200 words each, thus an asset of possibly 200,000 words professionally researched of Brisbane localities in the form of online historical geography.


During the months of June-July 2017 the website mapping program is undergoing a major renovation

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