What About Other Brisbane Regions?

What About Other Brisbane Regions?

In time we will add new parts to the MBH Website and Mapping Program to create sub-projects of:

  • Northside Mapping Brisbane History
  • Eastside Mapping Brisbane History
  • Westside Mapping Brisbane History

The Mapping Brisbane History project will continue with the Mapping Brisbane Southside History (MBSH) sub-project. The area to be mapped in the MBSH project, matches the area for the formation of the Brisbane Southside History Network. The area of the BSHN would be defined as all the area from the south bank of the Brisbane River BETWEEN eastern bank of the Oxley Creek and the western bank of the Bulimba Creek, and as far south as the current Brisbane city boundary.

Check the stages of research.


The Mapping Brisbane History (MBH) Project team welcomes professional teams who wish to take up coordinated projects to map different regions of Brisbane and work on the “Mapping Brisbane History” Website. By “professional,” it is meant that, irrespective of funding or income, that skills and the delivery of content is to the high standard of the disciplines of history and spatial science. This is a discipline elitism that does not wish to exclude those who are prepared to learn and apply the “trade” to the best of their abilities. The MBSH team are happy to run workshops and training programs to enable the development of project teams to map Brisbane history.
Please let us know if you are interested by sending us an email!